London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Ten Day ‘You’ Challenge!

Ten Secrets:

  1. If I had to eat only one foot for the rest of my life it’d be prawn mayo.
  2. I have a dream to run my own music magazine.
  3. My car is the love of my life, he’s called Rory, and I need to wash him more often!
  4. I am a social media addict. I run 4 Twitter Accounts, 4 Facebooks and various other bits, Meaning I spend half of my life online!
  5. I have an addiction to anything with a Union Jack flag on, clothing, shoes, cushions, anything!
  6. I always eat way more than I should, but having the job I do it’s hard not to!
  7. I really enjoy photography, but hate being label with all the people have suddenly jumped on the band wagon because they have a good camera.
  8.  My iPhone is never our of sight or ear shot, it’s my lifeline.  I’d spend most of my life lost if I didn’t have my maps on there!
  9.  My family really do mean everything to me, I have been so lucky with the support and effort they have given me throughout my life.
  10. Sometimes I actually think my best friend and I are the same person, we’re too alike it’s scary!
I'm Squibb Vicious, better known as Haydy!
Happiest with a craft beer in hand, eating til my heart is content or exploring somewhere new.
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