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The Hurly Burly Show, London.

The Hurly Burly Show is one of the best theatre shows I have ever seen!  Not once did I imagine Burlesque could be so sexy, and yet so comical at the same time!

The girls were all stunning, and had me quite envious of their figures!  It appears they got my share of leg length!  They all looked as though there were having such a great time, and genuinely enjoying being part of the show, which adds to audience enjoyment.

The songs were all up to date using the likes of Rhi Rhi, Cheryl Cole, Madonna,  and Lady Gaga, so the audience were singing along at every chance.  And talking of the audience getting involved, this happened so often I lost count.  Ensuring we were whopping, and dancing to keep our interests up!

I certainly didn’t expect this to be such an incredible evening, so please go and catch the Hurly Burly Girlies doing what they do best!

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