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Good, Clean Adult Fun with Zoo Nights at London Zoo

I was very kindly invited to Zoo Nights in return for a review through Love Pop Ups London.  However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own.

I bloody love London Zoo, and we go at every opportunity we can, but the only thing that does put me off is how busy it is, and how manic it can get when it’s filled with children. So, Zoo Nights is 100% for us. It’s an over 18’s night that allows us to wander around our favourite animals without having to fight children to get to the glass, yes I am that small!

But it’s not just an evening at the zoo without the kiddies, no it’s far more than that. There’s plenty of Watering Holes so you can grab a can of beer or a crazy cocktail, there’s a hell of a lot of food trucks that all smell delicious and there’s a large array of entertainment in the form of circus performers, stand up comics and even feeding times and talks with the animals.

This year the ZSL are excited to launch their new guided tour, You’ll Never See a Moon-walking Emu, where you can discover the strangest animal facts that can impress your mates down the pub with. And back by popular demand again this year is the Birds and the Bees tour, where expert guides will help you unravel the mysteries of sex in the animal kingdom. All talks need to be signed up to on arrival and you will be given a headset so you don’t miss a word.

We started our evening by heading to the food stalls, which won’t come as surprise as you all know how much I love my food. It was quite a tough choice but we were won over by the enthusiasm of the team at Kokodoo and their Korean Fried Chicken was dreamy. We had a really decent portion for the money and I would 100% eat from them again.

We paired our meal with a cheeky can from my favourite brewery which really complimented the meal. Who knew we would be eating gourmet food and pairing with great beer in London Zoo?!

There are plenty of animal feedings so you can see your favourite cuties be fed and learn so much about them whilst having fun. We didn’t do the feedings as we wanted to make sure we saw every animal we could before they went to bed, but had we got there at 6pm when the zoo opened we would have had plenty of time, as we would have had we not hit the food first, so we learnt there for sure!

We managed to cram in all the animals we wanted to see including the super cute sleepy sloths, the penguins taking in the last of the sun and the giraffes that were full on posing for the ‘Gram!

We also ran out of time to try out the new Plonk Crazy Golf in the Wildlife Garden where you can put your putting skills to the test! You are exported across the world visiting various animal habitats in the new 9-hole course which I’m quite sad we missed out on as it sounds awesome.

From my experience, I’d really recommend arriving at 6pm, booking in for a talk, seeing all of the animals you want, try out the crazy golf and then worrying about the food and free Magnum when the animals are asleep. We did our trip a little back to front but we still had such a fun evening and will most certainly be heading back next year.

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