London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Ten Day ‘You’ Challenge!

Nine Loves:

  1. My family, they are the most amazing people ever, and never fail to give me 110% support.
  2. My best friend, sister from another mister, wifey, sloth, whatever you want to call her!
  3. My Boyfriend who makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
  4. My two Staff puppies who are the cutest, cheekiest things.
  5. My job that gives me great opportunities, and allows me to do so much!Blink 182,
  6. My car as he’s just too pretty for words.
  7. Music, I’d be totally lost without it.
  8. Reading as I’ve recently got back into it, and I mean proper books, none of this 50 Shades rubbish!
  9. My home town, it may not be the liveliest of places but I can’t imagine not living there!
  10. Blink 182, I know they are music but they made me escape my terrible chav phase!!

Not too sure how this got so out of order!

I'm Squibb Vicious, better known as Haydy!
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