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How a Re-Brand can Change your Business *

When it comes to being a brand, how you present yourself is so important. It’s one of the first things people will see when they come onto your site, see your sign out site your shop and even on your social media. How people perseve your brand should be your number one priority and it often take a few attempts and lots of planning to get to something that you’re happy with.

Despite my blog only being a hobby up until this year when I decided to go freelance back in January, I’ve rebranded the logo and the layout numerous times.  My most recent logo and layout update came when my blog became a huge part of my income so I wanted to be taken a little more serious than the cartoon logo I was using at the time. I had also worked really hard to up my photography and editing game so I wanted to showcase that more in the hope my photo and editing style become part of my brand.

This year I also launched my own photography and videography brand and the logo and the website is something that I’m still working on. I’ve got a current logo that is used across the social media but I’m not 100% happy with it just yet. I’ve got a social edit strategy in place for it and I’m happy with that, so at least that’s one aspect I’ve got sussed!

Becoming a Household Name

I think most brands dream of being a household name such as people using Sellotape rather than sticky tape, Hoover over the vacuum cleaner and  Pitt Stick rather than glue stick. And more recently we have coined the terms ‘Google it’ opposed to ‘search for’ or ‘look up’ and controversially we tend to use ‘Book an Uber’ over the slightly old school version of ‘Book a taxi/cab’. Branding like this isn’t usually thought of from your second bedroom like mine was, these are usually thought of by highly successful marketing companies such as Pearl Fisher.

Pearl Fisher are known for creating brands as living breathing experiences, from powerful identities to multi-sensorial worlds. The have four connected studios in London, New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen, where they form partnerships with clients from all around the world through their three unique and connected areas of expertise; Futures, Strategy and Design. They are the brains and braun behind some huge household names such as Jacob’s Crackers, Green and Black’s, Jim Beam and Tilda.

Pick a Bold Logo

Having a bold brand means your logo, website and packaging needs, not only to stand out, but to stand the test of time too! Pearl Fisher are incredible at doing so, when you scroll through the work they have done it’s logo after logo, product after product of names we all know and would easily spot on a shelf in a supermarket!

I’m just dreaming of the day I can get the likes of the clever cats at Pearl Fisher to make my branding as popular as those on their website… I did say dreaming, right?!

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