London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Up at the O2, London.

On a cold, wet Monday night I pulled myself together and took the partner in crime to climb the O2 Arena!

Being scared of heights this was probably a really stupid idea, but I loved it! Admittedly I was extremely nervous but our guide put my mind at ease and gave us all a great time.

Before the climb you watch a safety video that points out that the arena has 12 arms that show the 12 months of the year, that it’s 365 metres round to match the days of the year and is a whopping 52 metres high to match the amount of weeks in a year!  This highly fascinated me!

The climb itself was a little slippery due to the rain, but I clung on for dear life and made it to the top!

The descent was the hardest part as it’s a thirty degree angle and we were still sliding around in the rain, but with the floor in sight it inspired us all to get down as quick as we could!

It was an incredible experience, and looking back I wouldn’t rush back but it would be great to do it during the day, I just need to pluck the courage up!

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