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Menace Male Grooming, Shenfield.

Today we have our very first guest post, and comes from my partner in crime!  We both had treatments in joining parlours, and here’s what he thought about his half of it all:


Being a body groomer novice, to being thrown head first into the world of male grooming, everything came as a shock to me. After being told no information as to what I was being led into, to arriving at the door, the nerves were on full alert. When entering Menace Grooming, it felt cosy and I was greeted by the friendly staff, made at ease and offered a nice hot beverage. This was the point I was introduced to my groomer, who explained what treats I was in for and asked what I had done before, my answer was plain and simple; my grooming background was non-existent!


I started off with the nose and eyebrow wax. This was what I feared most. After being told I needed it from my other half, I had no choice but to go ahead. From seeing such things only in films and having images of pain in my head, it was surprisingly tame. A few easy pulls and my eyebrows were done. From looking like a caveman, I went to normal eyebrows in a few minutes and was pain free. The approval was given and onto the nose we went. After the explanation of what I was in for, the knees started shaking. Each nostril had to be filled in turn with wax and left to dry. After the first was filled, I prepared myself for unbearable pain. However like before one pull and done, no pain, this was the same for the second.


The next treat on the cards was a facial. Having never had any treatment ever, I only imagined facials were for females; feet up in a spa with a robe on, so naturally I thought this was where I’d lose my masculinity! Nevertheless this came as a delightful surprise. After being explained to what sort of skin I had, the treatments begun. I received few different layers of different creams, and also a nice steam treatment to the face. I could only appreciate this once I had got home and saw how much better my skin had become from this treatment.

Last on the table was a heavenly 60 minute hot stone body massage. It says 60 minutes, but feels like 6 minutes. Every part of my body had given up and gone limp. Beginning off with a nice back massage, starting off with a nice rub down, my body was prepared for the steaming stones. I had tried to imagine what this was going to feel like, once again I imagined pain, but how wrong I was again. Once this begun I had reached a whole new level of relaxation, this was when I felt myself falling deeper and deeper into a sleep. A massage won’t ever feel the same without the stones. After receiving the same treatment to my legs and arms, we were done, but it felt as if we had just started. I didn’t ever want the massage to end, but my other half was waiting outside.

My view on male grooming has now been completely changed and would definitely recommend males everywhere to give it a try, especially the hot stones massage.

Disclaimer: This was offered to me by their lovely PR team.

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