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Spamalot, The Playhouse, Embankment.

This weekend myself and the partner in crime visited the theatre, and we were literally in tears with laughter.  Seeing Spamalot is something we spoke about a few times so I thought I’d treat him for Valentines, a little early I know!

Month Python is one of my all time most favourite things, nothing beats being really silly and then reacting out scenes in every day life! I’d introduced this silliness to the partner in crime and knew that the stage show would have him in even more fits of laughter as I saw it about 8 years ago now.

Well it was far better than I remember, I actually understood a lot of the jokes, and they had brought it totally up to date.  Jokes about Tesco’s meat scandal and Gangnam Style were thrown in and had the audience wriggling in their seats with laughter.  Song lyrics had been brought up to date with name dropping of the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and a little mickey taking out of poor Jedward!

King Arthur was played by Stephen Tomkinson known for Wild at Heart that often brought a tear to my eye, and a lot of the cast have been in TV shows we all watch so we had great fun trying to guess where we had seen their faces before!  The Lady of the Lake had one of the most incredible voices I have ever heard, and certainly fitted her role to a tee.

I’m not going to give the story away as it is well worth the money to go and see it.  I’d return next week if I could!


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