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KIK Customs Fundraiser, Essex.

This weekend I headed over to KIK Customs in Basildon for a charity fundraiser with my parents.


KIK Customs are best known for Ollie’s Union Jag, if you’re not a Made In Chelsea watcher then you will have no idea what I’m talking about, but check it out…


Amazing or what?! I want my car done to match!!

But anyway, back to their event!  They had a huge BBQ, lots of supercars that you were able to go for rides in if you made a donation, a graffiti artist designing t-shirts, guess the amount of balloons in the car and a great raffle!


This TVR Sagaris was one of my favourites and it took quite a bit to get me out of it!  It’s been added to my list of cars I really want, but can’t afford!  I really need to stop going to car shows!

When it came to the great raffle I had my eye on a £250 photoshoot for you car by NWVT, and luck must have really been on my side as I won it!!


I can’t wait for this to happen! Need to get my car washed first!

We had a lovely family day out, and I got a tshirt made with Squibb Vicious on the back so I was dead chuffed!  Will pop it on and upload a few pictures as it’s so good!


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