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National Bikini Day!

Today is National Bikini Day!  Sadly I’m not typing this in my Bikini but if I was on a luscious beach I would be!!  I feel the best way to get yourself bikini ready is with Nivea, they have it all thought out!  Have you heard about their newest campaign?


This summer NIVEA is supporting women everywhere by making sure they feel skin confident for that all important annual bikini-reveal.

Women across the country are pledging to take part in Nivea’s dare to dip activity, where they can win the chance to enjoy their very own pool party in a chosen city.  Already over 50,000 women have signed up to ‘dare to dip’ and National bikini day is the perfect platform to prepare for the event and to get started with that all-important bikini skin care regime. 

Recent research conducted by NIVEA revealed that an incredible forty five per cent of women said they feel more anxious about the first swimsuit revelation, than bearing all in front of a new partner. However, when a woman feels good in her skin it makes a huge difference; 71% of women said that their summer skincare routine makes them feel more confident in a swimsuit. Compliments from other women are important too, with 81% of women saying that a compliment from other women did wonders for their confidence.

“Our research has exposed just how anxious some women can be about the looming prospect of revealing themselves in swimwear each summer but National Bikini Day is a great platform for us to help women feel good in their skin and have the confidence to step out in their bikinis and dare to dip” comments Neil George, Marketing Director for NIVEA. “We have found that a good skincare regime can have an enormously positive impact on how confident women feel and National Bikini Day is a great day to kick-start this.”

Forty five per cent of bikinis go unworn due to lack of confidence and skin and body preparation but with the help of Nivea’s support this year; this figure is set to decline with more and more women across the UK feeling more bikini confident.  55% of British women said they simply don’t have the time to moisturise daily, so NIVEA has introduced a new In-Shower Body Moisturiser which could revolutionise the morning routine for women everywhere. This is all part of NIVEA’s focus to ensure women feel good in their skin, because feeling good in your skin positively impacts confidence levels.

Following National Bikini Day NIVEA will be taking its NIVEA Dip Skips on tour across the country, encouraging women to dare to dip together in the ultimate mobile pool party. To vote for the Nivea Skips to come to a town near you, visit the Facebook page (Voting closes on 14th July).

Will you be at one of their tour dates?


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