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Skittle Vodka.

I had a few small bottles of Grey Goose laying around from an event I had been to earlier in the year and thought what better way to use them than making Skittle Vodka!!


Here’s what you need to make, obvious really…


And here’s how it’s done…

We poured to vodka into shot glasses as the skittles were too big to put in the neck of the bottle!  We then separated the colours and popped them in the glasses.


We gave them a little stir to help them along the way.


After that we cover in tin foil, and left in the fridge for 48 hours.


On the day we wanted to drink them we filtered the bits of skittle out of the vodka with a sieve, I think a coffee filter would be better though as we had a few bits left floating!  I then poured back into our little Grey Goose bottles as I loved how cute they were, and this was the finished product…


They went down such a treat at my BBQ!  This will be a new party trick of mine as they were really tasty and so easy to make!


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