London Living with an Alternative Twist!

The Hutch Club, London.

Before we devoured our meal at Quaglino’s we made a stop upstairs at The Hutch Club.


They are lucky enough to boast London’s first alcoholic Popcorn Bar curated by gourmet popcorn connoisseurs  Joe & Seph’s, yes, Ihave mentioned these guys a lot, who have designed an exclusive Nº3 Gin & Tonic flavour, caramel macchiato & whisky flavour, brandy butter flavour and  olive oil & sea salt flavour.  We paired ours with chocolate old fashioned which is chocolate bitters, a teaspoon of sugar & a dash of mozart black & a measure of the macallan amber single malt whisky, all garnished with a maraschino cherry and a bronx made with Nº3 london dry gin, sweet vermouth & a dash of dry vermouth, shaken with fresh orange juice, all served in a coupe glass.  We were living the dream!


After this we were brought some bar snacks that consisted of  salmon tartar, with elit by stolichnaya vodka jelly, and herring roe,  oyster & Nº3 london dry gin soup made with coriander,  duck breast with courvoisier exclusif VSOP cognac, with cherry & chilli and lastly, my favourite, smoked chocolate ice cream, with the macallan amber single malt whisky cream, and mandarian popcorn.

This was incredible!  I will be returning for more cocktails and popcorn as soon as possible!


Disclaimer: This review was offered to my by their lovely PR team, and therefore was not a paid meal.

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