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Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Thurrock.

Being a GBK fan I was greatly looking forward to my dinner there when we were on our way, and I was even happier when I arrived and it was the only restaurant on the Boardwalk that didn’t have a huge queue! But soon my excitement faded…


After ordering it took a ridiculous half an hour for my starter to turn up, how does it take that long to grill a slice of halloumi and cut it up!? By the time it was on the table the cheese was cold anyway! I was then in a bad mood as I was hungry but really disappointed with what had been placed infront of me.

Next up was my chicken satay burger:

13 - 5

If this burger above was actually placed in front of me, I’d of been a lot happier when I left, but sadly I stole this from Google!  The burger that I was given has the smallest amount of satay sauce that was hidden by the largest amount of alfalfa sprouts I had ever seen.  In the process of getting rid of some of these a lot of my sauce disappeared. Even more disappointment.  This was certainly not how I remembered GBK and their glorious burgers.  I took the chicken out of the bun and tried to eat just that but the chicken itself was ropey, so after 3 or 4 bites I gave up.

To top it all off, the chips weren’t up to much either.

I have sent an email of complaint so lets see what they have to say!!


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