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Hotpod Yoga.

Last night I took part in a a hotpod yoga class, and it was nothing like anything I had ever experienced before!  Burning around 700 calories in your hour long class, who was I to say no to giving it a go!

Hotpod Yoga was the brain child of Nick Higgins and Max Henderson; a yoga teacher and a strategy consultant both from London whose idea came into play towards the end of 2012.   After the success of the trials they run on their friends, they were convinced they had an idea worth perusing. So, they sat down and went about developing their very own pod all from scratch.


Hotpod Yoga brought a large blow up pod into our office ballroom, and filled it with warm air to keep the pod at 37 degrees.


The exercise itself  (vinyasa flow yoga) was really great, and being a total beginner I felt like the pace was just perfect! Once you get to grips with a few basic moves you always come back to them so it gives you that feeling that you really know what you’re doing!!  Our instructor was lovely and was super helpful.


This class had me in positions I never knew my body could do and I came out feeling fully stretch!  I even ached a little on the way home which is always a good sign!   Obviously I got really hot and sweaty but this allows you to stretch out a lot better, and I thoroughly enjoyed my shower after!

If you want to know more, click here.


Disclaimer: This was offered to me through work and was not a paid class.

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