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Thorpe Park.

The partner in crime and I took a trip down to Thorpe Park over the weekend and we had such a fun day out!

Thorpe Park Break

We love a good theme park and this one is so great being so close to home!  We’re Merlin Annual Pass holders so I’m sure we will be back before the year is out!

The first ride we made a bee line for was ‘The Swarm’ and being the adrenaline junkies we are we braved it backwards first!!


It was amazing, the thrill of now knowing what is going to happen next is just too good!!

We did every ride there apart from the super wet rides, no one gets in my car all soggy!!


I’d say Colossus was my favourite as I’m a sucker for loops, but Nemisis Inferno still makes my tummy go!

Our longest queue was only an hour so we got really lucky despite the great sunshine, and being a weekend in the summer holidays.  We grabbed a Pizza Hut buffet as it was best value for money, and go ourselves a Merlin Pass Holders Refillable drink, that lasts until our passes run out next year!  With lots of trips planned this was well worth the purchase!

If you haven’t been, why not?!


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