London Living with an Alternative Twist!


So the week before the London Marathon I headed over to King’s Cross for the awesome #CurrysMonsterMashUp.


The event was led with an awe inspiring speech from Dr Costas Karageorghis, who happens to be the head of the Music in Sport research group at Brunel University in West London. He;s finding way in which music can change your work out.  I’m a firm believer that music does improve my work out as I run to the beat and often run longer as I’m more interested in the music and not what my feet are doing.

It was great to learn what athletes listen to what before their sport to get themselves in the zone.  I went through a phase of listening to ‘So Good To Me’ by Chris Malinchak before any 5k I was about to take on, but I soon go out of this habit when I changed phones. I obviously need to find myself a new track!


Later in the day we heard from  Lauren Karl, a personal trainer from KB Personal Training, who taught us the ways of the warm up and cool down.  I admit I’m useless at both so this was very insightful!   I used a few of the moves pre-marathon!


At the end of the event we were all given a pair of the iSport SuperSlim Wireless Bluetooth Headphones to take home and try after a chat with Monster about how they are sweat resistant, molded to stay in your ears perfectly and with them being Bluetooth there are no annoying wires.  I’m forever getting my arm stuck in my wires!  These headphones are incredible, they paired with my phone instantly and I took a short jog round the block to test them out; I’m still not running long distances after my knee injury! It took a while for me to suss out which molds and buds I needed for my tiny ears but I was beyond happy when I got it right!

Thanks for a great event, I can’t wait to get a few more miles under my belt armed with some great headphones after the perfect warm up and of course, a playlist of the most awesome running tracks!


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