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Reading Festival: The Lowdown, Part One!

I know, I know, it’s taken me ages to get this post to you!  I’m sorry, I’ve been here, there and everywhere! But here you go!

Over Bank Holiday weekend myself and the partner in crime heading over to Reading Festival.  We cheated slightly and stayed in a hotel, and boy was we glad we did that! I feel I’m a little past camping now!

Over the weekend we saw a total of twenty-nine bands, and to make up for the time this took to post I’m going to tell you about every one so you can get a better idea of our weekend:

Skindred: These were an amazing way to start the weekend! They put on such a show and really got the crowd going! I’d pay good money to see these guys again! I love to see a British band doing so well!

Cerebral Ballzy: These weren’t on the list of bands I wanted to see but I followed a few friends along, and actually really enjoyed the show!  A punk rock band from New York is what we are missing here in the UK and these fit the bill perfectly.

Bring Me The Horizon: I’m actually ashamed I dragged my friends to see these!! This was the worst set I’ve seen them do and we didn’t even watch the whole set!

Feed The Rhino: Another that were not no my list of bands to see, but really glad I did! They are currently supporting The Gallows and I can see why!! They brought so much energy to their set and were such crowd pleasers!

Bastille:  I love these so much!! They put on a really great set, and I am so glad I can say I’ve finally seen them live!  Worth paying to see I’d say!

Major Lazer: In my top 3 acts of the weekend! They had the crowd going mental!  They were zorbing over the audience and even got girls up dancing.  I’ve got tickets to see these in November and can’t wait!!

Alkaline Trio:  These were one of my favourite bands from a good 6 years ago, and they still put on such a good show!  they sung some old classics which put a huge smile on my face!

Greenday:  Another old favourite.  These guys were really good, and we watched the first hour as we had other acts we wanted to that clashed! But they sung a lot of classics and I loved it!

Skrillex:  Awesome, as ever, Skrillex is one of my favourite acts to see live.  With incredible visuals and the crowd always have such a party! A great way to end the first day!

Lower Than Atlantis:  They played my 2 favourite songs of theirs so I was very happy despite the rain we trudged though to get to the main stage in time! Would recommend these guys if you’ve never listened.

We Are The In Crowd: I’m really not a fan of these guys at all, but they were on whilst we were chilling on the grass near the stage.  I still think they are trying to hard to be Paramore and for me, that ship sailed long ago!

Hadouken!: Love these so much! They had the audience pumped and going crazy at 2pm which is quite a challenge! They played ‘That Boy, That Girl’ so the little emo kid in me was more than satisfied with this set!

AllunaGeorge: These two are so talented.  Alluna stole the stage in a rather skimpy outfit whilst George hid in the corner!  I’d definitely go and see these again!

Don Brono: Another band I’m not a huge fan of but we listened whilst we tucked into our mexican dinner, and found them really repetitive 🙁

Alex Clare:  What a voice!! Famous for singing ‘Too Close’ we took a look and we were blown away.  Such a mix of genres and he seems like such a nice bloke!!

Right, to save boring you all in one post, pop back next week for the rest!


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  1. I’ve been reading your blog and its great so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂

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