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The Betrayer’s Banquet.

I enjoy food, but there is one thing I enjoy more than food, and that ridiculously large quantities of food in one sitting.  You can imagine the delight upon my face when the lovely Elsa from The London Sinner told me about this:

The Betrayer’s Banquet will be a fully immersive dining/gaming experience that’s never been seen before and will come fully loaded with a whooping 32 COURSES (can you see why I’m stupidly happy about this?!).

It will be presented as an initiation ritual of a freemason-esque secret society; service is run by servers in hooded robes and the game is arbitrated by a pair of dour, unsympathetic masters of ceremony.

Here is a snippet of what to expect:

A banqueting table is set with 48 chairs, 24 on each side, at which players are seated at random. For a period of two hours, the food is served in small portions every fifteen minutes, and varies in quality; at the top end of the table, it is exquisite – food you could expect at a fancy restaurant. At the bottom end, the food is charitably described as unpalatable. In between, it is a spectrum between these two extremes.

Each player is also supplied with a special goblet which holds their drink. When they and the player sitting opposite have both drained their goblets, they are invited to play a round of the prisoner’s dilemma with each other; They are each provided with a small wooden coin with symbols on each side representing cooperation and betrayal, which they place on the table concealed under their palms, and then simultaneously reveal:

• If they both cooperate, then they are both moved up five seats towards the good food.

• If they both betray, they are both moved five seats down towards the worse food.

• If one betrays and one cooperates, the betrayer moves up ten seats, and other down ten seats.

WHEN: 21st  September, 19th October, 23rd November, 21st December.

That’s all I’m giving away but for more information and if you want a piece of the action

Count me in!


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