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Nicki Kinickie’s Guest Post…

Nicki Kinickie blogs over at The Something Life, here’s her guest post…

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Hi, I’m Nicki and I blog over at ‘This Something Life’ which is a lifestyle blog. It is mainly a place for me to waffle on about everything I want and anything that is in my head (there is quite a lot in there surprisingly) whether it be work or life at home, family and friends, shoes and going out. I also like to write occasionally about stuff I have read in the news or maybe thoughts of a time gone by. I like to think my blog is basically saying what everyone is thinking; we all like to daydream or reminisce, we all have to go to work and wash our other half’s smelly socks and I like to chat to everyone about it.

 Recently, my blog has taken a bit of a change in direction and is less about me socialising with friends or going out generally and is more about me sitting on my arse. I am pregnant with my first baby you see and nearly half way and while I am having a perfectly lovely pregnancy, my god, has it made me unsociable! I can’t seem to keep my peepers open past 9pm at the moment which makes me feel so old. My boss was talking about a poker night he went to earlier in the week and how he stayed up a little later than he normally would on a school night and went to bed at midnight. MIDNIGHT? Are you blinking crazy?! I’m three hours into my snooze time by then.

 I am a little miffed by this new bedtime I must admit because I am actually a bit of a night owl. I used to go to bed aboutten thirty, eleven and loved it because more than likely, my husband would have long fallen asleep on the sofa and I could put on what I wanted to watch without any protests (we don’t really have the same taste in TV shows so compromising can be hard, if it ain’t a crime drama then we ain’t gon’ be agreeing yo) The plus side I guess is being able to have as much sleep as I want because that will all change come March next year… I am used to surviving on very little sleep though, I function better on less sleep than lots in fact so am hoping I will go back to normal post pregnancy and be back to wanting around six hours sleep because if I only get four or five I should (and I did only say SHOULD) be OK if that is all I get. A bit craggy and rough around the edges with eye bags like shopping bags yes, but OK!

 I am glad to be feeling well though. I was constantly nauscious in the first trimester (can’t say that word without an American accent even if it is in my head) and really fussy with food. I couldn’t prepare any dinners because raw meat or the smells made me want to gag. For those who don’t know, I love cooking and I love eating even more! Not wanting to cook was a big culture shock for me, not to mention my poor husband bless him, who works seriously long days and would love coming home to the smell of a home cooked dinner. If I cooked him anything the most adventurous I got was beans on toast. Now though, that has all gone and I am back to enjoying food and cooking. My husband is no longer neglected and withering away and I am no longer finding myself gagging at the slightest smell.

 Bump has started to make an appearance too which is also nice because the fact I am feeling so good now makes me feel like I am not even pregnant. It is quite funny how all of a sudden it seems as though your tummy just ‘pops’, I noticed it last week while in the shower, my tummy was suddenly rounder and firm. My husband came home from work a bit later took one look at me and went:

”Where the hell did that come from?!”

That must of been the day I went pop for sure. Must admit it is quite nice to have a rounded tum and NOT be fretting over it for a change.

All in all, this pregnancy is going scarily quick and is going very well. I am very excited for the next 20 weeks, not so excited for that bit that comes after the 40th week with all the screaming, pain and what not and then excited for the bit that comes after the scary part…. you know, the rest of our lives! Eeeek.

Time to grow up.

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