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Mimi’s Guest Post…

Today we have the totally awesome MimiOnTheRocks for her guest post. I’ve learnt a lot from this!!

Due to the financial constraints of too much swanning around and generally having a darn good time, I’ve had to change my shopping ways a little bit these past few months and have resorted to good ol’ eBay (cue the tiny violins I know, I know). Now, when I say ‘resorted to’ what I actually mean is – I’ve been enlightened! Like many I have dabbled with eBay occasionally over the years, but the aforementioned good times have meant I’ve now become prolific!

I’m usually quite the bargain hunter and enjoy the challenge of buying in-budget-and-on-trend, but eBay has taken me to new dizzy heights. I now have a method, which I’m going to share with you. You’re welcome.

So here are my 5 top tips for thebudget-conscious eBaying fashionistas:

1. Used ‘Saved searches’:
I have saved searches for my favourite designers. The ones I like to try to scoop up on eBay are Kenzo, Jaeger, Anthropologie, Celine, Tibi, Comme Des Garcons, Giles Deacon, Isabel Marant, Markus Lupfer, Missoni, ACNE. As well as these I also save searches for high street goodies like French Connection, Reiss, All Saints, UrbanOutfitters, Zara etc etc.

2. Filter your searches:
Make sure your saved searches are in your size. There is nothing more galling than finding that absolutely have-to-have-it perfect Kenzo sweatshirt going for a song, only to discover it is actually 3 sizes too big. (OK, perhaps finding it is 3 sizes too small might be slightly more galling).

3. After that I try my hand with people who’s style I admire like:
Olivia Palermo
Alexa Chung
Cara Delevingne
Kate Moss
Rachel Zoe

4. My fall back search:
When all else fails I find searching for ‘Sold Out’ Is also quite useful because it brings things into your radar that you wouldn’t normally go for, I found a charming pair of cat eye sunnies this way.

5. (And definitely the most important!) Learn to Snipe:
When I’ve got a bit of spare time to spend on this (and believe me, trawling eBay can occupy a good few hours), I save the items I’m interested in in my ‘watched items’, copy the listing’s item number and then – and this is the best bit – use Goofbid. For those of you who don’t know about it already I feel like I’m giving away my secret family recipe that’s been hidden for years and passed down through generations….). So, you sign up to Goofbid and set a ‘Snipe’, which essentially means it automatically places a bid for you a few seconds before the auction ends, allowing you to gazump a load of hot stuff!

In the last month I have gazumped:

topWhite lace top ASOS

glassesCat eye sunglasses ASOS

skirtLeather Skirt H&M

neckStatement necklace H&M

shortsVery cute denim shorts Romwe

With the top designer stuff on eBay I have had only one or two successes: people know what they’re doing on there and probably have more disposable income than me. But I do come away with regular bargains, and getting those bargains in the last few seconds always feels soooooo thoroughly satisfying and I love that I don’t have to trawl the shops. I just have to trawl through my saved searches on eBay, tons less effort and I spend a lot less money on my wardrobe, plus using Goofbid means that I set a maximum amount I’m happy to spend and don’t get carried away and go over it.  In fact I usually grab the item for a lot less because, if you’re the highest bidder, you only pay one increment up from the second highest bidder to win the auction.

All in all a winning combo with an updated wardrobe. Now, go and try it and make
sure you let me know what bargains you’ve had!

Mimi x

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  1. Penny says:

    Love you secrets and definitely going to be making use of these tips when my spending ban is over! Goofbid is a revelation to me – Christmas shopping for the family this year is going to be a doddle! xx

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