Havering and Essex with an Alternative Twist!


Our sweetie tins are empty from trick or treaters, men have decided that growing a mustache can look really cool, and everyone is panicking about Christmas., this can only mean one thing; November is finally upon us.


I have put myself on a serious spending ban this month, so in honour of that I shall be writing to a theme of ‘Being on a Budget’, this will include girls nights in and attending only free events!  Of course I will doing my best to get up to date with blogging about our two weeks away, there’s so much to tell you about, but any other posts will stick to my theme!


I’ve got some lovely plans for my partner in crimes birthday (tomorrow) that I’m sure you will hear about!  I can’t wait to whisk him away to a special somewhere for a long weekend at the end of the month, and yes, that has all been paid for so I’m not breaking my spending ban!

How do you make the most of your nights in? Have you ever been on a spending ban before?


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