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A Toast to Us! *

As you all know, today is Valentine’s Day, and whilst we don’t celebrate it, I’ve teamed up with one of my favourite brands, 31 Dover, to share a toast to the incredible man I’m lucky enough to call my own and myself.

Meeting just over 2 years ago, it’s safe to say that Mike walked into my life and has certainly changed it for the better. He’s the most supportive person I have ever met in my life. I’ve had times when I wanted to quit my old job as I’d, quite simply, had enough and he was willing to support me into a move to being freelance and taking my blog further, but luckily for him I scooped the great job I have now!

 He’s one of the most thoughtful men I have had the privilege of having in my life, bar my dad, obviously! He doesn’t mind when I take him along to the crazy things I want to do, like Alpaca Trekking in the freezing cold.

He doesn’t moan when I ask him to take photos for my blog, or when I ask him to edit a YouTube video for me. He lets me plan crazy holidays like Trek America when we are saving to buy a house and he knows it’s going to eat into our savings fund, but he knows it’s going to be an amazing experience and adulting can wait.. a bit!

He lets me waffle about my obsession with serial killers and doesn’t find it odd. He doesn’t get mad when he asks what film I want to watch and I always reply with ‘a funny one.’ He’s beyond patient and says all the right things when I can’t find an outfit I want to wear because I feel awful about the way that I look.

He is even willing to spend time with my family, like coming away with us for my dad’s 60th birthday.

I can’t thank this stupidly handsome chap for coming into my life when I was sure I was destined to become a crazy dog lady and proving to me that relationships are meant to be filled with laughter, fun and lots of crazy dancing in the kitchen. Sure we have our moments when we get mad at each other, but it never lasts; we work things out like adults and carry on. We’re the best team I’ve ever been part of.

So, as I’m off alcohol until after my marathon, we shall be having a non-alcoholic toast tonight, but as soon as I cross that finish line I will opening our bottle of Cloudy Bay courtesy of 31 Dover and creating more fabulous memories as a couple.

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