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Hard Rock Cafe, London.

I was that time of year again, time to head to Winter Wonderland with the partner in crime, but alas the rain did fall.  In fact the rain was so heavy it actually hurt when it landed on you!  This could only mean one thing…


No trip to Winter Wonderland is complete without a stop here, and they are one of my favourite restaurants.

We had a 45 mins wait for a table, so we headed round to The Back Room, the awesome little bar hidden behind the Hard Rock.  The ceiling reminded me of a church, the walls were filled with graffiti, and they had Sky Sports on the big screen; perfect.

Our buzzer then went mental and we grabbed our coats, stomachs rumbling to get our table.

The cheese and bacon burger is always what I order and it’s always amazing, oo I went against all my heart and ordered something else. I was feeling a little crazy, and you didn’t see that coming did you?!


The Texan; pulled chicken, Chipotle and Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos and crispy onions. Oh yes.  It was served with citrus coleslaw and cowboy beans.

The partner in crime had similar, minus the crispy jalapenos and crispy onions, and we both enjoyed equally! I’m rather glad I made the decision to steer away from my normal choice!  I’d recommend both of this to anyone!  Plus being chicken I felt slightly less guilty that having a burger!


To top it all off we were sat in the Sex Pistols/Public Image Ltd. area so I was well in my element.  It’s like they knew I love them!  I want the red bondage boot so bad!

We didn’t have space for desert, so we paid up and headed off to Winter Wonderland.  The rain had stopped if you were wondering!

Have you been to Hard Rock Cafe?


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