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Teddy Bear Lost and Found.

 Teddy Bear Lost and Found were brought to my attention when a little girl lost her bear, which we later found out was actually a lion called Roar, and due to the power of the internet they were able to reunited.


Teddy Bear Lost and Found was started on Facebook in September 2012 to help a friend who lost their teddy, who is sadly still not found, but it has grown exponentially since!  To the point where there is over 300+ lost and found teddies listed on there!  Only bout 30 have been reunited, but that is a great start, that’s saved 30 cuddlies from being homeless!

They have a great database on Pinterest where all lost and found bears are uploaded. If you find a bear, take a photo and send it to them! If that breaks your heart a little, like it did mine, you may want to read the success stories!

It’s amazing to see that there are people out there who care about lost bears!

Talking about lost bears… I once lost my Twiddle (my super cute teddy) in Finland!! Our hand luggage went missing, meaning it was sent to us on a later flight! After we had told them how much I needed my bear, they totally understood, they snow mobiled Twiddle to our hotel in Lapland!!  I was only 4 when this happened but Twiddle lived to tell the tale. Yes I do turn turn 24 this week, and yes I am happy to admit he still shares my bed!

So, if you ever find a lost bear please report it to Teddy Bear Lost and Found so it can re reunited with its owner!


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