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Oh 2014!

This year has gone so fast! It’s crazy, so to finish it off I’m going to make some plans for 2014.  I wouldn’t call them resolutions as I tend to forget about those, or just fail majorly at them!

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

I plan on seeing more of the world this year, even if it’s just new places in the UK. I want to feed my thirst for travel!  I’m off to Berlin in a few weeks, Longleat Safari in February, Brownsea in Poole in early June, Glastonbury Festival in late June and Florida in October, so lots of great travel planned, but I think there may be a little space for a few weekends away!


I want to spend more time with family.  I’m very lucky to have both grandparents on both sides of my family around and I shouldn’t take that for granted!  I want to visit them a hell of a lot more!  We should also visit the partner in crimes grandparents more! I also want to spend more time with my parents, more family dinners and days out! 2014 will make sure of this!


I really want to make the most out of my career in 2014, really further myself and push to where I want to end up!  I need to go to conferences, and go on courses so I really can up my game!

Social media on Smartphone

I want to make my blog the best it can be, lots of great new posts, tons of new content and hopefully host a few new events!


Lastly, to continue having the most amazing times with my partner in crime.  We do awesome things together and I want this to carry on far into the future.  He’s quite a good catch!


What are your plans for 2014?


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