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Quintessentially Lifestyle App

The Quintessentially Lifestyle App has launched and you’d be daft to miss out on such a great app!

Using the exceptional knowledge of Quintessentially Lifestyle experts the App is not only home to a host of curated lists featuring the finest restaurants, hotels, spas, bars and nightclubs, but offers access for Non-Members to the ordinarily inaccessible. Whether it’s tickets to world-class, unmissable events across the globe or the must have latest limited edition watch, your smart phone now opens doors!


The app is very sleek looking and super easy to navigate! Once you have logged in you are faced with the attractive menu screen, as seen above.


Q Insider is where you can uncover the city’s must visit events and locations by reading reviews written by the world renown team at Quintessentially Lifestyle.  If you want the low down on where’s the hottest places to be seen and the newest openings, then this is your bible!


Entertainment covers restaurants, after dark, events and their bespoke services.  If you want to be seen at the best events, or to eat in top restaurants then you need to be checking this app before you make any plans!  Using GeoTagging the Quintessentially Lifestyle App will alert you to tailored offers in your location – this could be a last minute table at a sought-after local restaurant or newly-released tickets for a wildly popular music concert.


Shop offers you the most stunning flowers made for you by Quintessentially Flowers, the most sought after gifts sources by Quintessentially Gifts, the finest of wines from Quintessentially Wines, and fabulous maternity wear and baby gifts to be coming soon from Quintessentially.  If you want an Hermes Birkin and fast then you need to look no where else!


Travel hosts the most luxurious hotels, the most spacious villas, and the most relaxing spas for you to visit all over the world.  Bespoke will tailor a holiday just for you with the help of Quintessentially Travel.

As if access to the world of luxury wasn’t enough this App is also set to Surprise and Delight. As you turn a corner or enter a venue this unique function gives you access to one of a kind opportunities and exclusive offers direct to your phone.  Make sure you have your push notifications switched on so you don’t miss any of the great offers available to you in your area.  Whilst Non-Members can enjoy these exclusive insights and offers, it is the Quintessentially Lifestyle Members who will be able to make requests directly to their Lifestyle Managers at the touch of a button through this revolutionary App – making requests has never been so easy!

This app really is the world at your fingertips, and I can’t wait ti get travelling and try it out abroad too!



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