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Top Tips to Secure Your Driveway *

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When thinking about home security, securing your driveway is a fundamental part of protecting your home and family. As the main entrance to your home, and where some of your most valuable possessions, your vehicles, are, as it is likely a key area burglars would target. A safe driveway is a large part of any home security system, so here are some top tips to help you secure your driveway.

Install Residential Gates

Not just for gated communities, if you have the space to have gates around your property, it can be a great way to feel safe at home. Installing residential gates can be one of the most effective ways to secure your driveway, as it directly prevents intruders from entering your property. 

The great thing about residential gates is that they can be complemented with surveillance products such as CCTV. Although they can be costly, this is a great measure to take to provide peace of mind to you and your family. 

Invest in a Good Surveillance System

If you do install gates on your driveway, having an alarm system on them makes them more secure. In the event that intruders make it past your gates, an alarm system is crucial in notifying you and loved ones of the intrusion. They also act as a great deterrent, and will likely scare the burglars off. 

Security systems such as Ring can allow you to monitor who is trying to enter your property too, and can make a great addition to residential gates to support maintaining the security of your home.

Get into Good Safety Habits on Your Driveway

Keeping your driveway safe is everyone in your household’s responsibility, as one mistake could lead to leaving your house vulnerable to theft. Many people are forgetful and leave doors unlocked, which only leaves your vehicles vulnerable to theft. Encouraging everyone in the house to keep your property secure, including the driveway, can lessen the risk of intrusion or burglary. This can range from smaller things such as putting up car windows before getting out or regularly checking the functionality of your home security system. Getting into a good routine with safety measures keeps your driveway more secure.

Secure your Vehicles

Probably the most obvious way to protect your driveway is to ensure your vehicles are secured and locked, particularly at night time, or when no one is home. As vehicles are a key target for robbers, protecting them will deter any intruders from your home itself too. 

There are other measures you can take, such as using security devices like wheel locks and other car locks to further deter thieves. 

Keep you Driveway Visibility Clear

Keeping your driveway clear and visible will limit the number of places an intruder could hide in or use to their advantage. Make use of lights and clear your driveway of any potential hiding places to keep it secure. Sensor-powered lights can be a great way to deter burglars, as well as notify you if there is movement on your driveway. 

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  1. Afton Jackson says:

    The part of your article that mentioned how a residential gate is a great way to follow up a driveway was really helpful. Moving into a new house is very exciting as it lets us do what we want with the surrounding property, and our new house has a large front yard that we want to make use of. If I can find a paving contractor that can help us lay out a gorgeous driveway, I’ll follow that up by getting a nice gate installed with it as well.

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