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Obvious Beauty!

How do – I’m DEEEElighted to be guest blogging for the fabulous Squibb Vicious!

Let me introduce myself first – I write a humour and lifestyle blog called The Demon Gin from my wee home in Canterbury. Feel free to visit and learn more of my failed attempts to stumble through life, my bar reviews and why my no make-up selfie will scar you for life.

But today, I bring you a little something from my regular series, Obvious Beauty.

You see, over the years, I have bought and used a lot of beauty products. And over the years, I have managed to still have a face. This seems like as good a reason as any to inflict my trumped up views on beauty on the lot of you. With that in mind, I have put together my basic guide to what I believe are solid beauty & skin care ‘essentials’, suitable for both girls and boys. (None of that inner beauty stuff here, I’m not a soul wizard).

Now I am not an expert; my advice is based on research and guidance from those in the know (including a doctor and registered dermatologist). It’s also based on about 20 years of personal experience and a LOT of trial and error, including painful allergic reactions and spending far too much on marketing gimmicks. Man, that YSL Manga pink lipstick was fun, though…

But seriously, the main reason for me sharing these ramblings is that I have seen so many friends ruin their skin by focusing more on make-up instead of skin care IN THEIR 20s. It’s important to start early, because if you leave it until your 30s, you will be sorry. If you’ve already got a great skin care regime, bravo and please share your own tips!

I’ve purposely provided tips that should be suitable for all skin types (I have sensitive skin, so I always err on the side of caution), but pls use your judgement and be cautious if at all in doubt. Or message me for advice, I will always try to help!

So here, we go – the Obvious Beauty Basics, and my golden rules at the end. Read, devour, enjoy!

And always remember the golden rules…

  1. Your skin is going to change, even if you don’t see it. And it IS going to age. Work with it, not against it.
  2. Back away from your skin when it needs space. Your body and your skin is designed to survive and its objective is to protect you, not to look pretty. Don’t hinder it when it needs to breathe or heal. The more you pollute it, the more it will poison you.
  3. Treat skin like (I can’t believe I’m about to write this) your favourite garment – care for it gently. Don’t expose it to excessive heat, don’t overload it with chemicals, don’t pull and pick and pester it, don’t leave it crumpled and parched. It will never look as good as it did when it was brand new, but it’s not old – it is vintage. And it needs care, because it’s one of a kind.

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  1. Great post, I have picked up some brill tips here which I will be using in my skincare routine. Thank you x

  2. Thanks, delighted to have guest blogged! Visit me any time x

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