London Living with an Alternative Twist!

5 Things.

I’ve realised recently that I’ve got so many amazing things surrounding me and all I do is moan a lot on twitter about my commutes to work and really lame things, so I’m going to try a new kind of post: listing 5 things that have gone really well for me that week.  Lets see how long this lasts!

The first thing that I’ve really enjoyed this week is my second week working with Joe Blogs.  I’m going to do a post on my epic new job but this week has been awesome. The team have been so welcoming, supportive and I really feel like part of the family.

The second uber epic thing this week was winning the London Marathon Dream Package.  I’ve won vouchers, 2 nights in a hotel, transport, and special treatment at the 2015 London Marathon. This will certainly make the training easier!

Third thing is having my parents back from their holiday.  I love having my parents around as they’re too cool for school, and the home cooked dinners are worth mentioning!

Having a week filled with friends has been pretty damn good too, so that takes me to four! This meant dinner with my old work buddies, a night at The House of Peroni, dinner with my wifey, and a longgggg game of Monopoly with one of my longest friends.  There was also an office lunch thrown in.  I am so lucky to have some amazing people in my life 🙂

Lastly, I’ve been listening to so much new music on Spotify.  Music is pretty much everything to me, so many people say that but I was brought up listening to some amazing bands thanks to my parents and it’s continued into my ‘adult’ life.  Hozier is a new personal favourite, and finding out Jonny Craig has a new band completed this week for me!

Throwing in a bonus sixth one as this can’t go unmentioned… I fly to Florida on Wednesday so that’s kept me pretty happy this week too!


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