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Finally Feeling Good in my Own Skin

I’ve never been a confident person in the way that I look. In fact, I’m still not an overly confident person in the way that I look but recently I’ve become a lot happier in my own skin. I’ve come to terms with there always being people that will look better than I do, will be slimmer than I am, be far prettier than I am but why should I worry about what other people are doing when it was getting me down.  I needed to focus on just being me and making the most out of what I’ve got so I’m happier.

Rewind to this time last year, there were very few photos of me on my blog or social media posing as I felt daft doing so. There were very few fashion posts on here as I was worried people wouldn’t like the way that I dress as I’m not a high street shopper. There are no beauty posts as I often worry people will mock me for how I do my make up as it’s something I’ve never been good at. But I’ve scrapped that negative way of thinking; if I’m happy with how my outfit feels and looks, why should I hide away as it’s not something everyone would wear. If I like my make up why shouldn’t I be happy to share what products I’ve used as there may be girls out there like me that don’t have the foggiest ideas about contouring or how to draw on eyebrows.

I think this all stems from the media telling me I need to be tall, skinny, and dress like the mannequins in TopShop, if you don’t you’re an outcast. But why should the media tell you who to be and how to be happy. I know for a fact that I will never be tall, I will never be skinny and I’d look ridiculous if I followed fashion trends that don’t suit me as a person and my shape. My parents always told me to dress how I wanted and if I wanted to be different then go for it, and I’m glad they did. I just need to embrace that.

So all of this rambling was basically me telling you lovely lot that I’m going to be embracing my slightly more alternative look, embracing my awesome blue hair, embracing the way that I dress and embracing the way I feel happiest when I’m not trying to conform to the media’s standards. We are all born as an individual so I’m making the most of that. When we travel we often find alternative bars and tours so I’ll be sharing those with you too.

So here’s to being happy. Happy in my own skin, something I’ve not felt in some time. And to not being afraid of being alternative and who I really am.

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2 responses to “Finally Feeling Good in my Own Skin”

  1. Lizi says:

    Yes Haydy! I’m so glad I read this post this morning as God knows we need more women representing the gals who aren’t Topshop mannequin wannabes. I love that you channel your own style with such confidence and that you’ve always had the support of your family in doing so – that’s such an important lesson to learn from an early age. xxx

  2. Your blue hair is SO awesome.

    Clothes and makeup are there to be played with and allow you to express yourself – I’ve come to realise that there is no “right” or “wrong” way of doing these things. Well, other than showing up in a crop top to the office. Keep doing you, Haydy – it’s a fab look.


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