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10 Tips for Running on Holiday*

In the middle of a new fitness regime or just started training for an event as I am with the London Marathon? Planning a holiday and unsure what to do about your exercise regime? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can keep active and stick to your fitness regime whilst you are away.


 The answer is simple – pack your running shoes as I did when I headed of to Brownsea last year. Just because you are going away, it doesn’t mean that you should let your fitness regime or event training slip. Going on holiday whilst training for an event can be an excellent opportunity to experience running in a new place. To help you stick to your fitness regime whilst on holiday, we have put together a list of tips to help you.

Set a goal

Whilst it is important to set yourself a fitness goal, you are on holiday, so why not reduce your training a bit? After working hard for the past few weeks or months, you deserve some time off.

Take your regular running schedule on holiday with you and consider how you can reduce it slightly. Perhaps you could go for shorter runs or give yourself more rest days? Think about your mindset and consider what you would prefer to do. Whatever you choose, remember that you are on holiday and need a break.

To keep yourself motivated whilst on holiday, consider combining your exercise schedule with some sightseeing. Running can actually be an excellent way to see the sights.

Combine exercise with sightseeing

To help you plot out a good running route, download a map app onto your phone and have a look at the sights near to where you are staying. Alternatively, use your running app to find recommended local running routes.

Make sure that you take your phone or camera with you, so that you can take pictures of any sights that you see.

Try different types of running

Why not use your holiday as a chance to try out some different types of running? A holiday is all about experiencing new and different things, so make sure to take full advantage of that.

The type of running, you can try, will depend on where you are visiting for your holiday. For example, if you are visiting a mountainous country, you could consider trying some off road running. Or, if you are staying in a place surrounded by beaches, you could try going for a run on the beach or sand dunes. You may not realise it, but sand dunes are excellent for mixing up your training, testing your fitness levels and strengthening your muscles.

Train in the morning

When you are on holiday, doing your training in the morning is a good idea, especially if you are visiting a hot country.

Not only is the morning the coolest time of day, you can run more comfortable and it is safer for your body too. Plus, by running in the morning you can get out early before the day starts, get your exercise in and be back in time to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Pack running clothing that matches the climate

Before you go, have a look online to get an idea of what type of climate you can expect to be running in. Once you know how hot or cold the country will be, you can then pack appropriately. If you are unsure what to pack, head to your local sports or running store and ask for some advice. Your local running store should be able to advise you on the best running gear for the climate you are going to.

Don’t stop logging your times

An excellent way to ensure you stick to your running schedule whilst you are away is to keep recording your running times. Continuing to log your running times will not only give you some consistency whilst you are away. It will also indicate how you are performing in the new conditions – heat, different track, etc. To help you log your times effectively, you can use an app on your phone or a running strap.

End your run with water

If you are vacationing near the beach or have a pool at your hotel or villa, end your run with a refreshing dip in either the sea or the pool. Ending your run with a swim is an excellent way to cool off and relax your body.It is also a good idea, to keep yourself hydrated throughout your run, by drinking as much water as possible. If you are in a hot country, make sure to drink more water than you normally would do. Otherwise, you may become dehydrated.

Contact local running clubs

Whilst you will only be in the area for a short time, it might be worthwhile getting in touch with some local running groups before you go. Most holiday destinations will have their own running club, so take the time to get in touch with them before you go and find out when and where they meet for a run. Not only is joining a running group an excellent way to make some friends, it will also save time on mapping out routes.

Get insurance

Whilst it is unlikely that you will hurt yourself badly enough to require medical attention, it is a good idea to add sports travel insurance onto your trip. Although it may cost you a little bit extra, it is better to pay that than an overly expensive foreign medical bill. To find out more about sports travel insurance, have a look online at SportsCover Direct, as well as other sports sites.

Use treadmills

If you are heading off to a colder destination, consider using treadmills to keep fit whilst you are away. Although you may prefer to run outside, if it’s too cold then a treadmill and gym may be the perfect solution.

Do you run on holiday?

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