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7 Super Romantic Things To Do*

Your first few months with your significant other, were probably a whirlwind of romantic dates, holding hands and falling in love. But, a few years on and things may be a little different, and that’s okay. The more serious your relationship becomes, the more it will change.


As your relationship becomes more serious, you may feel like you and your partner have lost some of the romance and fun from your relationship. And, that’s okay too, after a few years together it’s only natural that things have changed. But, that doesn’t mean you should stop having fun together.

To keep your relationship as fun, romantic and spontaneous as it was in those first few months, surprise your partner with little treats that say ‘I love you’.

For my guide to 7 super romantic things you can do for your significant other, have a read of this.


Watch the sunrise

Watching the sunrise is incredibly romantic. Get up really early and watch the sunrise from your favourite spot. Have a special breakfast and coffee prepared for when you get back – croissants and danishes are ideal.

Create a home massage parlour

Surprise that special someone with a relaxing DIY massage parlour at home. Set up scented candles, relaxing music and scented massage oils. Make the bed as comfortable as possible. As soon as your significant other gets home, take them upstairs and spend some time pampering them and helping them to relax.

Have an indoor picnic

On a cold winters day, light the fire and dot a few candles about, and surprise your loved one with an indoor picnic. Have everything you would normally take on a picnic prepared – picnic blanket, basket and flowers. As well as lots of your favourite picnic foods, and for a romantic touch, a bottle of champagne and some strawberries.


Bring home flowers

Surprise your significant other with a bunch of their favourite flowers. Around each flower, place a hand written card with different reasons why you love them. To make the gesture even more romantic, do it on a day when you partner isn’t expecting it.

Prepare a relaxing bath

If you know that your partner has had a tricky day at work, prepare a bubble bath with candles dotted around, a dish of strawberries and a bottle of champagne. Allow your partner to have a relaxing soak before you join them.

Name a star after your partner

Name a star after your significant other, you can do this at the online star register. Once all the papers have arrived, take your partner for a campout and an evening of stargazing.During the evening, along with a glass of wine, give your loved one the certificate for their star. Use your telescope or binoculars to point it out to them.

Write them a love note

Write a love note to your partner and hide it somewhere they won’t expect. If you pack their lunch, perhaps you could hide it in their lunchbox or under their sandwich. Writing down your feelings for someone is the perfect way to show them just how much you care about them, and best of all, it is super romantic.

How do you impress your partner?


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