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My Tips to Eliminate the Need to Visit a Salon Ever Again!*

Visiting the salon can be a big drain on finances and time. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice; but it can be so expensive! I like to do what I can most of the time to eliminate the need for a salon visit. This saves me time and money, and I learn how to do lots of things all by myself! If you’d like to do the same, here are some of my tips to eliminate the need to visit a salon ever again:

Home Wax Kits

A home wax kit will stop you needing to head to the salon when it’s time to wax those legs or bikini line. They can take some getting used to, but you’ll save so much money! You just need to make sure you follow the instructions to a T, and be very careful. You don’t want to make your skin sore or miss hairs because you’re being careless. I must say, it isn’t the most fun I’ve ever had in the bathroom. I like to do lots of things in there that are a lot less painful than this – how many of these habits have you got?

Special Face Cleansing/Exfoliating Gadgets

I love investing in new face cleansing/exfoliating gadgets and everything else in between. Something I really love is the Foreo Luna Mini. Just use it with your regular face wash and it helps to work it in deeper, exfoliate, and smooth skin. No need for any more expensive facials!

Regular Exfoliating

Regular exfoliating both the face and body is a good way to keep on top of your dead skin and keep new skin glowing through. You can find lots of nice exfoliation treatments in salons, but when you can buy high quality scrubs, there’s no point.



I actually enjoy taking care of my nails. I don’t like nail extensions to be honest, they just get in the way. This means taking care of my natural nails is even more important. I always apply a protective polish even if I’m not painting them. I never use them as tools, and I keep them filed a nice shape. If they get peels and splits, I buff and shine them as best I can to avoid picking it, and stay consistent with my protective polish. Applying cuticle oil always helps too!

Hair Treatments

I don’t cut my own hair; I think that would just be a recipe for disaster. I do however, like to treat it and colour it myself. There are so many box dyes on the market, that you can do a great job of it yourself as long as you follow the instructions. Just bear in mind you won’t be able to dye your brown hair blonde with box dyes on your own – that’s wishful thinking. I regularly apply a moisturising mask to my hair to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

Hopefully, these tips will save you lots of money and limit your salon visits – maybe even eliminate the need for them ever again!


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