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How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring *

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Your engagement ring is obviously an incredibly important piece of jewellery. Proper ring care should be a top priority with this special piece of sparkle. You’ve probably spent a long time imagining your perfect engagement ring, and now this ring is going to be on your hand forever, you want to be sure it will stay sparkly and shiny for years to come. From which chemicals to avoid to how to store your ring, here are the most essential dos and don’ts for engagement ring care. 

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Get Purchase Insurance

You need insurance to protect your financial investment in case the ring is lost, stolen, or damaged, which is especially important if you’ve spent more on f color diamonds. You should also have your jewellery appraised every five years as the cost of diamonds and precious metals go up. If you lose your ring and it was last appraised ten years ago, the insured value would be a lot less than the actual cost of replacement. 

Don’t Take Your Ring Off In Public

Don’t take your engagement ring off when you’re out and about, even if you’re washing your hands. There’s too much of a risk that you will accidentally leave your ring on the edge of the sink or drop it down the drain.  Don’t take the risk. 

Never Touch The Centre Stone

Avoid touching the centre stone in your ring whenever you can. Diamonds and other precious stones can attract dust, dirt, and oil from your fingers, which dulls the shine and sparkle. When you put on or take off your ring, grab the band on either side of the stone, instead of the stone itself. If you notice that the stone looks hazy or cloud, something is probably stuck underneath it. If this happens, it’s time for a clean to restore the sparkle.

Keep Your Ring Clean

Cleaning your engagement ring with whatever random cleaner you have at home is not recommended by jewellery experts. Elizabeth Taylor might have cleaned her famous rock with hot water, a toothbrush, and gin, but this isn’t the best option. Instead, take this sentimental and special piece of jewellery to an expert jeweller to have it properly steamed clean. 

Never Treat Your Ring With Harsh Chemicals

You should always remove your engagement ring when you are cleaning, or any time you will be touching harsh chemicals. Bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finish of your ring, and in some cases, can actually cause harm to more porous coloured gemstones like emeralds. 

Avoid Putting Your Ring Through Needless Wear And Tear

Diamonds might be one of the world’s hardest natural materials, but they still need to be properly cared for. A cut and polished diamond can still be chipped or damaged, so you do need to be careful. Sometimes the table of a cut diamond can be susceptible to wear and tear. Make sure you avoid knocking your ring against other hard materials to keep it safe. 

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