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Blood Orange Southern Comfort*

Up until last weekend I had never tried Southern Comfort, and I have no idea why! Maybe I’m so stuck in my ways with what I drink I never try something new so when I was offered the chance to try the new Blood Orange Southern Comfort I thought why the hell not!

SC Blood Orange 1lt cut out copy LR

We decided to “Grab an Orange by The Bottle” and grab some friends to get trying…


Can you tell from our faces that we loved it! We didn’t go all fancy and make cocktails, we tried it neat with ice which was lush and then mixed out next glass with lemonade as it was far too tasty to add any other flavours!

It’s save to say we drunk a fair amount of this over our four hour game of Cards Against Humanity, and we are now all big fans! Penny even gave it a little mention on her blog, you can reaed that here.

This is such a great summer drink, and a drink to be had through winter to remind you of summer, so yeah, drink it all year round!

There’s one small catch… you can only pick this up at Duty Free in Airports! I’m thinking that’s a legit excuse to go on holiday for!

Have your tried Blood Orane Southern Comfort yet?


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