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Make Your Boyfriend More Fashionable This Winter*

It might only be the first few weeks of autumn, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start preparing for winter. While you have most probably had your winter wardrobe picked out for months, your partner may not have.

Many men struggle when it comes to looking stylish during the winter months, choosing to live in jeans and jumpers. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, just like us girls can be warm and stylish, so can guys.


If your partner struggles when it comes to winter fashion – lots of men do, here’s what you can do to help him:

Explain what colours are in, this season

The first thing that you should do when it comes to helping your partner perfect their winter style is tell them the colours that are in. For men, the key colours of the season are military green, grey, tan, and red – this is the in colour for us girls, as well.

By explaining to your boyfriend which colours are in, you are teaching him what colours to choose when he goes shopping. You might not think that he will remember, but at least one or two of the colours should stick in his mind.

Help him choose the perfect coat

Even if he’s happy with his main outfits, you can help him to add style to his look by investing in a new coat. Ideally, aim to convince him to buy two coats; one for casual outfits and one that’s more formal. That way he has a coat for wearing to work, and one for wearing on his days off.

His work coat should be a neutral colour, like grey or beige. While his casual coat can be a little more colourful – how about a read coat? Your partner might not like the idea of a bright red coat, but he might be happy to invest in a burgundy design. Any red coat is ideal, as red is the in colour of the season.

A woollen jumper is a must-have

Just like woollen jumpers are in this season for us girls, they are also a winter wardrobe staple for guys. Whether he is a fan of thick knitted jumpers or cable knit cardigan designs, every man needs at least one woollen item for the winter months.

Don’t forget cold weather accessories

Many men steer clear of accessories, but when it comes to winter fashion, they are crucial. Unless your partner wants to catch a cold, or worse, the flu, he needs to ensure that he’s wrapping up warm when he goes outside.

Explain to your boyfriend that some knitted winter staples will look great teamed with his stylish coat. To ensure that he pulls the look off properly, it’s a good idea to advise him to keep away from bright designs and bold patterns. When it comes to accessories for guys, neutral colours are the best option.

Follow these tips and you can help to make your partner look more stylish this winter.

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