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So it’s that time of year when everyone starts baking, and I have no idea why?! Someone mentioned a famous TV show or something… I joke; what a terrible blogger I would be if I wasn’t up to date with such things! Well any way, I was invited along by Neff, who may have been featured in the famous TV show, to bake up lots of yummy goods, so, of course I went along to #CookWithNeff.


I hopped upon a mini bus from London which transported us to the Neff showroom in Milton Keynes, and I was instantly in my element! So many cookers that have the amazing Slide & Hide technology all there for us to try out! We had a lovely little introduction where we learnt about NEff as a brand and where us bloggers would fit into their latest campaign. We had became part of the cookaholics fun and were about to get hands on with some incredible recipes.

We split up into teams, I was paired with the lovely Becki, and we created this pretty incredible looking Giant Couscous Salad.  It was the first time I had cooked couscous so I learnt a hell of a lot and am looking for great ways to introduce it into my daily cooking!


There was also these amazing wild boar patties…


This highly photogenic veggie tart….


These salmon and asparagus tartlets…


Plus flatbreads, salads, caramelised onion and goats cheese tartlets, so my plate looked a little like this…


And to finish up one of my most favourite things ever…


To say the day was off to a good start was an understatement; I was full to the brim and some lovely new blogging friends, Sophie and Emma!

The afternoon brought a lesson in how to make tear and share bread, and so much more eating… I’m not even joking when I say I was so full up I actually had to decline food!


Yes, you read that correctly, I said no to food!

This was a bloody awesome day, and at times I remembered to record bits on my Polaroid CUBE so here’s the outcome:

Thank you Currys PC World, Neff, and the amazing team at the Joe Blogs Network!


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  1. Leanne says:

    OMG this looks incredible and now I’m absolutely STARVING. Good job its almost lunchtime! x

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