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Five Great Ways to Pay for Your London Lifestyle Online *

Modern technology allows us to make money out of the palm of our hand, just by using our smartphones or personal computers. If you want to earn a generous paycheck without being restrained to a 9-to-5 job, read our tips on how to make a good living for your luxury London lifestyle without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Assistant

Native English speakers are very sought after for the position of virtual assistants but are also very hard to find these days. A full-time virtual assistant engagement can be a very lucrative job and is worth looking into, especially if you are living in a city expensive as London and are in need of a job that pays well. No matter where are you from or where are you working at, you can easily and efficiently perform as an excellent virtual assistant. You can be an assistant in finishing tasks, checking documents and correcting the faults, you can write your own articles, stories and experiences. If you’re communicative and creative, this is the ideal job for you.

Selling Online Products

Some people make their full-time income only by selling their or someone else’s stuff online. This can easily be done by posting a picture of the item you want to sell on a few popular online websites. You can sell your old clothes, books, or anything else that you don’t need but think someone might find useful. If you have a hobby that includes making jewellery, knitting, making beauty products or anything else, you can also sell it online. Check out Etsy if you have a craft that you’d like to sell online.

Matched Betting

It’s all the rage in the UK at the moment, with countless stories of people making between £300- £1000 per month in risk free cash. It’s a complicated one to explain, but you essentially take advantage of bonuses from the bookies to lock in a guaranteed profit from a sporting event by covering all outcomes of an event. Sites like Yesbets, can get you up and running very quickly with a starting bank of around £100.


People all around the globe are looking for tutors to find who will share their knowledge of languages and give them some tips for faster learning. Do you have the patience, goodwill and excellent knowledge of languages? You may consider tutoring students online in comfort of your own home in exchange for a little extra money.

Watching Videos and Testing Games

There are hundreds of websites who will pay you to watch some commercials, answer some questions and play games. You don’t need to have the certain or separate time of the day for doing this.  The best part is, you don’t even need to have any special qualifications or previous knowledge. There is no limited time which you can spend on this sites or maximum money limit you can earn. It’s up to you how much time you wish to set aside and how much you wish to earn.


This is an area where you can be creative, share your stories and experiences, recipes and pictures, tips and hacks and everything in between. Depending on your field of knowledge, time and things to share,  you can post once a month, once a week and even daily.  Blogs are one of best ways to earn passive income. In order to reap the benefits, you need to put the effort in the work. The beginning may need some extra effort but once you start you can easily support your London lifestyle with your blogging gig.

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