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Vita Coco Coconut Water*

I never thought I’d be a fan of Coconut water due to the fact I’m a great disliker of coconut, but after hearing how good it is for you and how it can miraculously help hangovers I though time to buck up my ideas and give it a go! The lovely team over at Vita Coco sent me a really cute little crate to test out, sadly in transport one of the cartons spilt so I was unable to photograph it as it was ruined!


I thought I’d go easy on myself and try the coconut water with pineapple in as this would deter some of the coconut taste, little did I know, I really didn’t need be so precious about it all. It tasted great! I drunk that carton and another that day! I felt great after; really hydrated and obviously chuffed with myself for trying something new!
I then gave the normal coconut water a try, God it was good! Why an earth had it taken me so long to try it?! It didn’t taste anything like what I had expected it to, it was awesome!
For those of you that don’t know coconut water has been labelled as the sports drink of Mother Nature! It contains a lot less sugar than most energy drinks and even a lot of fruit juices. There are athletes that will hydrate themselves only on a mix of coconut water and mineral water before big matches and games.
But if you’re not the sporty kind, and more of the chilling with a nice drink then Vita Coco can be a great for cocktail making…
Vita Coco Braziliana
150ml of Leblon Cachaca
15 mint leaves
5 halved strawberries
3 whole limes
60 ml of gomme syrup
Vita Coco
How to make:
Mix the Leblon, limes and strawberries
Add mint leaves and gomme syrup
Top with Vita Coco
Serve over Ice
Bet you didn’t think of that!
Have you tried coconut water?


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