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The Perfect Night In?!

This week I got sent a rather interesting Press Release from digital hub, and it really caught my eye! I’m not usually one to share these type things but I felt this should be used in some way!

This is how the average Brit spends their nights in…


We like to leave work by 5.30pm, so for many of this means running out of the office bang on time to get home to change out of out work clothes and into out pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms. Funnily only 3 per cent still wear their onesies! Obviously there will be a few cups of tea involved with hot chocolate being a close runner up.

On average  we visit 5 websites, read three articles online, and 10 pages read of a magazine or book. Some of us even spend up to 26 minutes on phone call – mines always my mum!

We like to be settled and on the couch by 7.10pm with a Chinese takeaway, and of course, Indian was the runner up, and we eat those on the sofa preferably at the start of a minimum of 2.5 hours of telly or film! We’re big fans of the Bake off, followed by Game of Thrones, and if we’re tuning into a film then it’s usually comedy or an action movie.  If we still have room after our takeway we snack on crisps, dairy milk chocolate, and Pringles. Despite being know for loving a good night out, when we have our nights in we think we should wind down at 10.52pm and oddly enough a lot of us thing the perfect night of relaxing is better WITHOUT the partner, in fact over half do at 51% of people in relationships prefer to chill alone and have the place to themselves for the ideal night in!!

I have to say I much prefer chilling with my other half, and I do love a home cooked dinner!

How do you spend your perfect night in?


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