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How I Securely Send Photos Via the Post *

*This is a collaborative post.

Being a photographer part-time provides me with the chance to capture some truly special moments. Whether it’s a wedding, event or a blogger fashion shoot, being able to provide these photos for my clients makes me feel truly blessed to be part of whatever I am asked to snap away at. It’s such a great feeling of trust!

Once I’ve edited the photos it’s on to send them, although I often do this via email, or on a USB stick, but sometimes I also print the photos and even frame them. When sending a photo in the post, it’s important to bear these tips in mind so they arrive in tip-top condition.

With a Frame

If you’re sending a framed photo in the post, the packaging should be centred around protecting the frame and making sure nothing happens to it in transit. The frame needs to be well secured in the box and have protection in case of any mishaps, as that’s the last thing you want. Using packaging from Lil Packaging is a great place to start; by picking one of their packaging options, you’re bound to find one that is not only the right size but also is eco-friendly, which is such a huge plus for me as I’m trying to be more sustainable.

Dependent on the size of the frame will depend on the mailer you require. The Lil Bukwraps are usually an ideal go-to, as they’re made to be protective and also don’t require tape. Lil Packaging has created the ideal solution with their hot melt peel’n’seal for secure closure and easy opening. With the packaging offering a congregated edge your frame will feel more secure than ever.

Finally, when it comes to sending your frame in the post, it can be worth looking online for the cheapest options with couriers and the like, as post offices can often be expensive.

(Photo credit- Photo by Lilly Rum on Unsplash)

Without a Frame

If you’re looking to send photos without a frame, there are plenty of cheap options out there. Whether you’re looking for a brown envelope or something a bit more sturdy, you can find the ideal choice on Lil Packaging. When it comes to offering you an ideal packaging option the Lil Envelope is ideal for quickly and securely packing your photos. With the strength of the card making it hard to bend, it guarantees for a more secure and provides the arrival in perfect condition. As let’s face it, nobody wants a bent photo.

When it comes to sending both a framed or non framed print, I always like to add a handwritten note inside, to explain more about the edit and also to thank them for choosing me as their photographer. The little touches really do make such a difference and shows how valued the clients have been as customers too!

If you’re looking for your postage options for your business, why not check out what Lil Packaging has to offer.

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