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A #YelptoberFeast Weekend

This weekend was spent taking part in three different #YelptoberFeast events so I thought I’d share a few a lot of images and bits about it!

Friday saw the #LicenceToEscape game where there were six different Escape Room companies showcasing their exciting rooms.

For those that don’t know an Escape Room is a room that you have to find clues and escape out of in a certain amount of time.  At this event we had smaller clues with only 5 minutes to escape!  Sadly we didn’t do too well and only completed two of the rooms, but we did work out the overall Traitor so it wasn’t a complete loss!


We had a great time and it was something completely different to do on a Friday night with friends!

Saturday saw a Mystery Night at The Gorringe Park Pub in Tooting.

We had an address to turn up to but no idea what the evening held… After an almost two hour journey there we were hoping that it would be worth while! Well, it was more than worth while, it was bloody awesome!

The Gorringe Park Pub was an incredible venue where we watched Clue in a basement screening room complete with monkey brains and corn dogs! We then had a short break and were escorted upstairs to solve a murder with Agent November! We had a mere hour to find all the clue, and work out as a team who murdered poor Agent Vacant!

We had seven seconds left on the clock as we came to a collective answer and we luckily got it right! Look at us celebrating…


I would highly recommend both The Gorringe Park Pub and Agent November for events as they were both too awesome and we didn’t even mind the long journey home!

Sunday night was a nice short journey for us… a mere half hour (ish) to Mile End to The Victoria Pub.

This event was a bit of a crazy one as we had far too many people turn up.. this NEVER happens with blogger events so the event didn’t run exactly to plan! The group that did turn up ended having to split into two groups which meant we only got to try starters and dessert, but the food we did try was fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and eat at The Vic again, but we did go away hungry, having to stop for dinner on the way home.

The food we did get to try were fantastic mussels in elderflower and chili…


Yes, I devoured them like there was no tomorrow…


Then there were salads…


And salmon…


There were also plenty of oysters to go round…


And the highlight of the evening for me…


Chocolate Eton Mess; the newest key to my heart!

I feel we drew the short straw as the other half of the group got to try burgers, chips and risotto, where we only got starters and desserts to share, so we felt a little disheartened when leaving as the burgers looked incredible. That’s a legit excuse to go back right?!

Thank you to Alex at Yelp for being super awesome to let us attend all of these events, see you at the next one!

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