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My Tips for Choosing a Wedding Theme*

Wedding season is over for another year. Although there’s always a few couples who would rather get married in the autumn and winter! I haven’t been to any weddings this year, but there’ll be some coming up in 2016. Because wedding season is over, that means it’s wedding planning time. Couples have been getting engaged all around me over the last few months, so they’re bound to start planning soon. Some might be getting married within the next year, whereas others will take longer.


One of the first things I see a lot of people do when they plan their wedding is picking a theme. It can help to make everything else easier, from the decorations to the dress. And surely it’s one of the most fun parts of the planning too? Some couples can struggle to think of a theme, though. So I’ve come up with some tips to make it a bit easier.

Think About Yourselves

Your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you as a couple. You want it to say something about the two of your to everyone who turns up on the day. So my advice is to look “within yourselves” to think about what makes you tick. What do you feel are big parts of your lives? Are you the type of people to pick a full-on wedding theme or do you just want to think about the colours you like? You can sit down together and write down some ideas for what you imagine your big day will be like.

Do Some Research

If you’re feeling stumped for ideas, it’s easy to start researching and get inspired. In fact, it’s probably the best part of wedding planning. I’m not even getting married, and I love looking at ideas that I might use in the future. You can look at lots of different things, from weddings from the past to modern day celebrity weddings. Of course, you probably want to take inspiration from people who are just like you. Luckily, you can find lots of recent brides sharing their ideas for staying on budget and incorporating a theme into the wedding.


Use Pinterest

It can be a bit hard to keep track of everything that you like. In the past, maybe you would have made a scrapbook or put together a folder of your favourite things. Now it’s much easier to use Pinterest to create boards of all your favourite things. You can pin everything from those Paper Themes vintage wedding invites you love to dress ideas. If you don’t have a theme yet, you might begin to notice a pattern forming. Maybe everything you’re adding to your boards is floral, brightly coloured or vintage-inspired.

It’s important to keep in mind what you’ll think of your wedding in the future. Of course, you’ll always remember it as a beautiful day. But do you want to look back on it and wish you hadn’t decided to choose scuba diving theme? Just keep that in mind when you’re deciding what to do.

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  1. Prats_pk says:

    These tips are so cool. definitely gonna help out in some way!

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