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New Home!*

For those of you who follow me intently on social media you may have seen the little hints I’ve been giving and added them all to work out that I’ve got a new home! My lovely other half asked me to move in with him and I said yes, of course!


I’ve been so excited to tell everyone but there are lots of bits and bobs we had to sort out before it was all official so I thought I’d help put together a little checklist of this things you need to do when you move home. I’m moving into a fully furnished abode so I didn’t need to think of any furniture, or household goods to take with me so these are basic tips that I had to work through…

Our first thing was to change the council tax, this is based on the amount of adults in the home and now there will be two living here we had to update the council on this. That sounded so very adult of me!

The address on your driving licence will need to changed as you can actually be fined for having the incorrect address! This is super easy to do as it can all be done online, I killed two birds with one stone here and updated my photograph as my licence expires in a few months.  That was also very easy as they can now take the image from your passport to no more filling in lots of forms!

If you have a car you will need to talk to you insurance firm as there may be a change in your policy. A simply phone call can sort all that, it;s worth putting this really high up on your list to ensure your insurance isn’t void if anything happens.

If you’re being mega serious then there will be a lot of money talk; bills, mortgages, food shops and general money issues.  And of course, the who does what conversations, but these should all be relatively easy if you stay there a lot any way!

Oh and my last big point, even though you live together date nights are still very important!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on moving in together!
    My other half and me moved in together a few months ago and it’s ridiculous how much needs sorting out and new addresses etc, writing it all down would certainly help!

  2. DannyUK says:

    Congrats on the move!

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