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How Software Developers Can Turn Startups Into New Clients *

*This is a collaborative post.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world and we all have bills to pay. Like any other company out there, custom software developers need a constant flow of clients to ensure the health of their business.

From the title of this article, I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this. Capitalise on startups; that’s it, that’s all you need to do.

The goal of this article is to break things down a little and to help you develop a pitch to potential clients while also offering a little friendly advice.

Pitch Perfect

To win over the ambitious startup founder, you need them to understand how much value you bring to their company. And don’t shy away from hyping up your software either. If, for instance, you specialise in software for providers then don’t be afraid to contact NDIS providers and emphasise the importance of your product.

Reasonable Fees

This works both ways. Don’t overcharge or undercharge. Undercharging in particular can discourage startup founders. Since there are a lot of development companies that take less money and then do way less work. 

Overcharging meanwhile is discouraging because many clients don’t want to set aside an overly large budget.

Clear Communication

Whether your software services are confined to a niche or not needs to be conveyed. Some agencies are most experienced with mobile app development so their portfolio includes many mobile devs.

Clients need to know what they’re paying for and what you bring to the table. Make sure they understand how the process goes and how much time the company will need.

Keep Your References Handy

Building trust is the deciding factor between a startup and a custom software development firm. The best way to prove that you’re legit, is to make sure you have some references handy.

Looking over feedback from others is sure to set you apart. Seeing the success of your past projects is sure to boost their confidence in you.

Friendly Neighborhood Advice

Now that you know how to construct your pitch, let’s look at some other good advice.

Saying No

Since you’re going to be in charge of the software development, you need to be upfront. If something is a bad idea or just not possible, speak up. Going through with every request from clients leads to pretty disastrous results.

Help them understand why a request is impractical and then make a suggestion that can meet their needs and is doable.

Plan It Out

Ask clients to provide a plan for their software development. This needs to include the scope of the project, the needs of the company, and the deadlines.

Review it and make suggestions if anything seems out of order.

Thorough Testing

A common hurdle with developing custom software is testing, or lack thereof.

Run regular tests and go through as many scenarios as you can think of. Make sure that development takes note of every success and failure from these tests.


As a software development agency, startups are great clients. They will always have a need for technical software expertise, be it customer service or data analysis.

They need someone to help with their technological infrastructure and your company is there to help them get the work done. And way cheaper than them trying to get it done in house.

Just keep my points in mind and you should be on track for building your clientele with startups.

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