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The Force Will Be With You

Unless you have been living in the depths of the Death Star for the last few years, then I am sure that you are aware that there is a minor Star Wars event going on later this year. That is right, we are just over one month away from the release of the latest Star Wars film, Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you would expect, Star Wars fans have been getting more than a little excited about the upcoming release. If you have a special Star Wars fan in your life, then since #ForceFriday, I am sure that you have been repeatedly inundated with requests for star wars gifts for their birthday and Christmas.

Ever since the first Star Wars movie was unleashed to the world back in 1977, there has been a continuous demand for action figures and gadgets related to the world famous blockbuster. As you might expect, Kenner Products was caught out and they resorted to selling IOUs to those who wanted to feel that the Force was with them.

However, there was nothing to fear this year, and at 12:01am on 4th September, the Force truly awoke and we were all treated to a glimpse of the latest Star Wars gadgets. If you were you lucky enough you may have had slightly more than a brief glimpse and actually managed to get your hands on the long-awaited goodies. It was reported that the BB8 droid was quickly snapped up in the first weekend due to the demand and sales are still going strong in the build up to Christmas.

Many have noticed that this is the first time that there has been such extensive hype surrounding the merchandise of a Star Wars movie, especially due to the fact that #ForceFriday actually occurred three months before the movie was released!

Part of it can be attributed to the acquisition of Lucasfilms by Disney and their decision to ramp up momentum (as if it was needed!!) and create as much of a buzz surrounding the film as possible. However, it has also been suggested that many of us have been eager to purchase the merchandise in order to ascertain some sort of clue about the film’s plot. It is debatable just how much can be deciphered from analysing merchandise; the debates and theories extended to the whole of September and, as you would expect, are still going on now and I am sure will do until the film premieres on 14th December.

One thing is for certain though, the latest instalment looks like it is going to be fantastic and it is delightful to hear that Star Wars composter John Williams is due to finally receive a film honour for providing the soundtrack of our lifetimes.

If you have a special Star Wars fan in your life and are in need of gift ideas, then you can be certain that selecting their present from the incredible range of Star Wars gifts available will ensure that you make their Christmas extra-special this year! If, however, they are unable to wait that long, then make sure that you show them this excellent run down of the Top 10 Star Wars Fight Scenes!

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