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Hiring Male Dancers for a Bachelorette Party

The wedding day will approach soon. One of your single friends is ready to tie the knot. It’s a joyous occasion that needs celebrating. But why not celebrate the last day of her singlehood as well? Getting married is making a commitment that will last her entire life. Your friend deserves to celebrate the last days of her single life as well.

The best way to send off the future bride into married life is to throw her a bachelorette party. Gather all of your close friends including the future bride and throw them a kick-ass hens party. And an even better option for having fun is to hire a male stripper as entertainment.  The girlfriends will thank you for that.

However, consult with the bride about her preference first. Some brides are not comfortable with having half-naked men dance for them. This way you’ll eliminate the chance for an unpleasant surprise at the party.  Let’s say your friend gives you the green light for hiring a male dancer. You better start planning and making some phone calls. If you aim to throw a fantastic party that she will remember forever, here’s what you can do.  Here are some matters to take care of before starting the party.

Hire a professional stripper

Before the preparations start, it is essential to hire a qualified stripper. This way, if a problem comes up you have the time to fix it. Additionally, use the internet to search for more options. You can find a lot of sites like North Carolina Stripper, for example, that offer this kind of service. It’s better if the sites provide pictures of the strippers so you can choose which one you like the most. Hiring a private dancer will make the night even more memorable.

Professional companies always have substitute strippers if yours can’t make it on time. These things happen sometimes.  Also, check for references about the business. Some people might have left comments about their service online. Be sure to check that as well. Do all of these things beforehand. After all, your friend deserves to have the time of her life.

Reliable businesses always do a background check on their candidates. Their number one priority is to satisfy the client’s needs.  You don’t have to worry about the dancer doing a lousy job.  Besides, the strippers receive training to perfect their routine. They do different kinds of physical activities to improve their body. They aim to look gorgeous while entertaining the ladies. As well as, they constantly do choreography. Dancers work really hard to deliver the best show possible for customers.

Make sure to ask about the price and travel costs. The stripper could be coming from a distant location. You need to know who’s paying for the additional expenses. As well as if they’re performing a type of dance that needs chairs or stripper poles.

Moreover, consult the company about specific rules. Some strippers don’t mind touching, while others do. It’s important to know every last detail before the party starts. This will ensure your success.

Select the party location

Start planning by selecting a location. Consult with friends to work out a deal. If the party is happening at your place, then start making a list of preparations.

Usually, people throw bachelorette parties at home. Instead of going to a strip club, you can prepare a magical night either way. If you live far away from the city, your friends wouldn’t mind the comfort of your home. You can consult with them about buying drinks and food. This way everything will be set for the party to start.

As the night progresses check if the dancer is close or that he still might need a few minutes to arrive.  Strippers always come late at parties. However, make sure that it’s not too late in the night. Keep the guests entertained with alcohol and music. Then an exotic male stripper will enter the house and surprise everybody. They usually come dressed as policemen or doctors. Make sure to keep the attention on the bride. Inform the dancer beforehand of the bride’s name and appearance. She has to be the centre of attention.

Furthermore, you can ask the stripper to text you beforehand if he’s arrived. This will allow time to prepare the mood of the party for his entrance.  Afterwards, sit back and enjoy the rest of the show with your close friends. Check for more details

Inform the dancer of your location

Living in a prominent area can cause difficulty for the stripper to arrive on time. Sometimes they can miss the address and arrive at the wrong site. Before starting the party, make sure to give the dancer all the necessary information. If you fail to do this, he might not even arrive at all. If your friends are expecting a stripper and don’t see one the entire night, they might get disappointed. You don’t want that to happen. Sure they know how to use a GPS device or Google Maps, but even that fails to do the trick sometimes. 

If you live in an apartment that has a doorman, inform the person about the arrival. This way there won’t be any confusion or problems for you or the stripper.

Give yourself a pat on the back

Your friend deserves the best. And you are the person to give that to her on the last night of her single life. Parties that have strippers are usually the best events ever. You will surely make the night memorable. The bride will be happy and so will all your other friends. The bachelorette party will be a success. As time goes by you and your best friend can look back to this moment. Hiring a stripper to spice things up is an unforgettable experience. Those are the moments that stay with you forever. You can always brag afterwards about the fantastic night.

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