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Wear Amazing, Professional Jewellery At The Office*

Wearing jewellery can completely change the look and vibe of your outfit. It can turn a tired looking outfit into something that looks brand new. It can also enhance your individuality and highlight your personal style. You know how to wear your jewellery on evenings and weekends, but what about at work? Is it possible to wear your favourite pieces while still looking professional in front of your boss? The answer is yes! Follow this how-to guide to know exactly how to make your jewellery more work appropriate.

Less is more

What might look amazing with a party dress, may not have the same effect with your work clothes. Try to stick to chic and elegant, rather than anything too bright and oversized. Try not to be too over the top and stick to simple pieces such as pearl necklaces and diamond earrings. Just because these are simple pieces doesn’t mean they have to be boring. There are plenty of suitable styles and designs to choose from. When buying stones such as diamonds, always visit an expert to find out the best options for your budget. Take a look at this Blue Nile review at to see their extensive range of pieces.

The best way to work out what seems right is to try on all of your jewellery with your work clothes to see what looks good and what doesn’t.

Add some personality

Your jewellery should reflect your personality and being at work should not change that. You just need to be clever with the pieces you choose. If you like colour, instead of wearing big necklaces, why not opt for a colourful stackable rings instead. Just remember to go for chic instead of bling. Wear a dainty, decorative locket with a family photo inside to keep your family close and still look elegant. You could get your birthstone set into a ring for an additional personal touches to your look. Charm bracelets are another great way of showing your interests and hobbies without being too over the top. There are so many ways you can show off your personality while still keeping a smartly dressed vibe.


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Don’t wear jewellery that’s noisy or potentially dangerous

Whatever you decide to wear, don’t choose anything that could be noisy and distracting. You don’t want your work colleagues to become annoyed by your stacked bangles clanging together. You also don’t want to wear anything that could be dangerous to yourself and others. Long and oversized necklaces can easily strangle you if they get caught in machinery or on door handles. Make sensible choices regarding your jewellery and be considerate of everyone.

We will all work in different office and work environments. Some will be stricter than others, so use this guide accordingly. If your workplace is more laid back you can probably be more experimental, but again don’t go overboard. If you’re unsure about your work’s policies on jewellery, ask your boss or refer to your employee contract or handbook. There’s no harm in asking for advice. Remember that less is more and if it’s not adding to your outfit remove it.

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