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Feeling $1Million with Help from The Boutique, Upminster, Essex *

So we all know that I’m a full-time mermaid with my awesome blue hair and that I’m loving it but sometimes I struggle to make it look any different when it comes to special occasions. I tend to wear my hair down with a bow at the back for a couple of days, then my two plaits that I’ve been wearing since I was tiny and then the day before it gets washed it goes up in a messy bun. I’ve tried curling it but it never seems to last very long, so when we had a wedding to attend, I called in some expert help!

That help was in the form of the super lovely Naz at The Boutique Hair Salon in Upminster. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted my hair to look and the outcome was actually perfect. But before I show you the final look, let me talk you through the amazing service I received throughout my appointment.

Upon arrival I was made to feel so at home, you can tell from the bag just dropped on the sofa! My coat was whisked away and a drink offered. I went in for a cuppa as it was early and I did have to drive myself home so the Prosecco would have been a naughty move!

I had my hair washed, conditioned and a lush head massage that I didn’t really want to end as I’m a big fan of having my hair played with and scalp massaged! I only wash my hair once a week to keep the colour looking fresh so it was really nice to have such a deep wash and condition, plus it didn’t affect the colour of my hair either.

I had a blunt trim to take away and split ends, and I don’t have any layers as my hair is too fine. I like to make what I do have look as thick as possible so Naz advised a blunt cut to give a full look. And then it was time, I asked Naz to Victory roll my hair in the hopes that she knew how to as I know it can be quite a specialist updo. And to my surprise, she said yes. I was so bloody happy!

I’ve often tried to Victory Roll my hair and thought it was too long to get it to stay but Naz did such an awesome job. We decided to roll the hair with a side parting so my rolls were odd sizes to make it a little more fun to match my quirky hair. It made me feel a little Helen Bonham Carter like!

Naz made Victory Rolling look so easy and the outcome was beyond what I had expected…

I felt so confident, I felt like I was 100% born in the wrong era but most of all I was so happy with the service and how Naz had made me feel the way I did!

Nothing beats feeling good about yourself and when people I didn’t know at the wedding we went to stopped to tell me how incredible my hair looked you know your hairdresser has totally nailed it right?!

Thank you Naz for making me feel worth a million dollars and I can’t wait for the next special occasion for you to work some more magic!

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