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Wine’d Up with Mr Vine

This week myself, the chap, Penny and her chap were treated to a crazy Wednesday night wine tasting, pass the parcelling, and throwing some sick shapes all courtesy of Mr Vine; the app where you can discover, explore, and buy wines, whilst he learns what you love and suggests other extraordinary finds.


There’s nothing like front row seats with cheese to make me a happy little lady!


The aim of the event wasn’t to become a pro wine taster, it was to understand grape varieties and how the climate affects your wine.  We were give two white wines of the same grape, but from different climates and made to guess which we thought they were.


We thought the first wine was a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc…


After the second we weren’t so sure… We weren’t a huge fan of these wines as we are super fussy when it comes to white wine!

We soon realised why we weren’t fans, it was Chardonnay from Chablis. We’re not big French wine drinkers and our motto is ‘ABC; Anything But Chardonnay’. Total wine snobs!

We then moved onto the reds…


It wasn’t very oaky so we didn’t think Rioja, but we got stuck there…


They were quite light in colour, but still no idea!

We did manage to guess which was new world and which was old world but the grape was Pinot-Noir. We’ve added that to our list of wines we enjoy!

In the middle of these 2 rounds we learned about wine personalities and there was even some fancy dress and playing pass the parcel!

At the end of the wine tasting we tried a fifth wine that we had to create our own personality for… finally my journalism degree and my ‘wonderful’ way with words won me a bottle of wine!


We’ve never had a wine from Luxembourg before so we’re eager to try this!

Thank you Mr Vine for a wonder evening and those free sunglasses…


that made it home with us and will be making a guest appearance at Glasto next year!


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